Gracefully Natural

100% organic natural ingredients to rejuvenate, revitalize, and restore our natural beauty.

Many cosmetic and beauty companies use harsh toxins and chemicals which do more damage than good for the body. Our mission is for our customers to feel beautiful while using our all-natural products made by our family. We want you to feel luxurious while we provide you with holistic and natural ways to heal and restore the body.

THE Gracefully Natural


You’ll find yourself loving YOU

Who is behind it all

Kera Spencer

“I started this business for my little girl and I. I made products using all natural and organic ingredients to give my daughter only the best. In 2020 I was still operating in my kitchen. Today, my team and I still hand make every product out of our store in Rocky Mount, VA.“


“Everything leaves your body feeling fabulous”

These products are absolutely amazing from the yoni line, scrubs, soap bars, and detox baths.

“Would definitely recommend!”

Love everything I have purchased from Gracefully Natural. Everything smells delicious.

“It has taught me to love myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

If you’re looking for natural products that you can trust to use on yourself and your family then this is the place for you. Gracefully Natural has changed my life. Some people may say, “but it’s soap.” It’s beyond soap. At this point it has become a lifestyle. It has encouraged me to treat my body better— inside and outside. Gracefully Natural is a staple in my home and the people closest to me know it. If you aren’t sure about the products, try them. If you’re curious about the products, try them.

“Something for the entire family”

I absolutely LOVE all of the products that Gracefully Natural has ever made!
Go check them out, their team is amazing and always helps me with any questions that I may have!

“Do yourself a favor and check out the yoni line!”

This company has not only built a successful business full of wonderful products, but a strong community of women who look out for each other and help each other out!

“Love all the handmade products”

The store is beautiful & employees are very helpful!

Meet Our Team

Store Front

These are the individuals who rock the store front and provide excellent customer service to you while in the store. Always playful and kind, this group of people will answer all of your questions and won’t stop until you feel you have the answer(s) you need! If you are in need of a laugh and good time, then head to the store today (well, if it’s Tuesday-Saturday)!

Fulfillment Team

This team never gets a break, and that’s the way they like it! Keep this crew busy because that is when they have the most fun and work their best! These are the individuals who are responsible for gathering your orders, packaging your orders, and letting you know when your goodies are on the way to you!


This may be the only time you see this team clean and fancy, because they come to work! These are the people behind the products and often times behind the scenes. Whether you see or hear from them, though, they are always working hard with you in mind. Their mission is to provide each one of you a product worthy of royalty. But, hey, that’s how we want you to feel, so it’s fitting.

Virtual Crew

These are the people running the ship from the shore. Together, this group of people make sure everything is running smoothly from the outside in. From payroll to marketing and social media, these gals are on top of serving you. When you are needing to contact the company, these will likely be the people who will directly talk to you. They want to achieve greatness in all that they do!

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