Yoni Oil

Regular use of Yoni Oil will help restore the body’s natural pH and combat any unwanted odors. The Yoni Oil was constructed to help combat and treat vaginal odor, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast. The Yoni Oil provides the delicacy of the yoni with a moisturizer that will last all day and leave you feeling fresh.  
This Yoni Oil is one of the top sellers because of its many benefits. Not only is the Yoni Oil used for regular, everyday maintenance use, but the Yoni Oil can also be used for pleasure. This is the first Gracefully Natural product that was made to be used internally as well as externally. Yoni Oil is the perfect all-natural lubricant that will allow all participants to have a pleasurable experience.

Apply to the vagina internally and externally. Yoni Oil can be applied to the finger, yoni eggs, or any other insertable item that can then be inserted into the vagina.

Olive oil, coconut oil, peppermint, tea tree & lavender essential oils, rose petals, and calendula flowers.

*Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe