Yoni Wipes

Yoni Wipes were designed to be a quick, discreet way to freshen up the yoni and wipe away any odor-causing bacteria when on the go. Yoni Wipes fit great in purses, desks at work, gym bags, and even just as a back-up in the restroom. The Yoni Wipes are not only for women but can be used on men’s private areas as well! The Yoni Wipe’s gentle, hypoallergenic formula won’t leave your skin irritated; instead, it offers skin hydration and refreshment. Yoni Wipes are a great refresher before and after intimacy. These wipes provide an easy and hydrating refresher for anytime or anyone!    

Wipe the yoni and let dry. Yoni wipes are intended for external use only. 

Distilled water, castile soap, olive oil, witch hazel, and lavender essential oil.

*Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe