Gracefully Natural has become famous for its incredible Yoni Oil. And, it has been extended outward again. Now introducing the Yoni Oil Tasty, and just as the name suggests, its tasty. 

This Yoni Oil Tasty is is infused with various herbs and oils, like the other two Yoni Oils are, that will help aid in regular maintenance use if desired. However, this particular Yoni Oil is flavored for additional pleasure. Gracefully Natural is known for their all-natural products; therefore, this Yoni Oil was delicately made in order to ensure all of the same great benefits would still be included in this edition. This makes this Yoni Oil not only have all the great benefits of the original Yoni Oil, but with a twist! 

The Yoni Oil Tasty, like our original Yoni Oil, can be used both externally and internally. The Yoni Oil Tasty acts as a lube and provides an erotic sensation when inserted and, well, tasted. This all-natural lubrication oil is the perfect addition to your normal hygiene routine and will be your second best friend for all other endeavors.

Other Benefits:

Anti fungal & anti bacterial
Helps with tightness
Protects and moisturize the skin (vulva and vagina)
Decreases skin irritation during periods from pads tampons, etc. or in general
Reduces friction during sex
Keeps vaginal tissue healthy

Apply to the vagina internally and externally.

Carrier Oils and various essential oils.

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