The Yoni Wash is an all-natural wash containing essential oils that works to combat any unwanted symptoms involving the yoni. The organic ingredients will allow your yoni to maintain a healthy, balanced pH and will support the natural acidity of the yoni. Regular use of the Yoni Wash will help prevent bacteria build up and yeast infections. The feminine Yoni Wash offers a pleasant moisturizing foam that is formulated with natural emollients and soothing extracts to keep the yoni from getting too dry and reduce itchiness and irritation. The safe, effective intimate cleanser rinses away easily, so you won’t feel “soapy” after use. 

The Yoni Wash is an excellent wash to use prior to going to the gym to help combat any unwanted odors. Using the Yoni Wash before intimacy allows your skin to feel more supple and prepared. If prone to razor burn or bumps post-shaving, the Yoni Wash will help allow the skin to feel more moisturized and healthier. The Yoni Wash is to be used on the external portion of the yoni and is not recommended for internal use.

Apply wash to yoni. Rinse with water.

Water, castile soap, carrier oil, aloe, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, various essential oils.

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