Yoni Wash

The Yoni Wash is an all-natural wash that works to combat any unwanted symptoms involving the yoni. The organic ingredients will allow your yoni to maintain a healthy, balanced pH and prevent bacteria build-up that leads to yeast infections. This wash is a moisturizing foam that helps keep your yoni hydrated and prevents itchiness or irritation. This wash helps combat any odor, irritation, itchiness, or razor burn/bump issues while maintaining a sudsy form that has no reside and leaves you feeling cleaner than ever. 

Apply wash to the yoni. Rinse with water. The Yoni Wash is to be used on the external portion of the yoni and is not recommended for internal use. 

Distilled Water, Witch hazel, aloe vera, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, peppermint & tea tree essential oils.

 *Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe

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