Gracefully Natural is releasing a tummy oil made specifically to enrich the skin to prevent signs of stretching that may occur during pregnancy or weight gain. 

Gracefully Natural's Tummy Oil comes in two scents: Relaxing Tummy Oil and Refreshing Tummy Oil. Both Tummy Oils are enriched with Vitamin E and other essential oils and nourishing ingredients to use on the body in order to prevent signs of stretching. The easiest way to get rid of stretch marks is to prevent them before they show. These Tummy Oils will work to fight the urge the skin feels to scar when stretched. Use the Refreshing Tummy Oil to start the day or when you need a little boost of energy. This light and airy scent will allow you to feel new and fresh after applying. Use the Relaxing Tummy Oil when you're ready to calm down for the night or when you need a little extra help to find a soothing calmness and clarity throughout the day. 

Apply directly on the skin and massage the Refreshing Tummy Oil to the targeted areas that you would like to protect, such as the tummy. Can be used in other locations. Use 1-2x daily for best results.

Carrier oils, various essential oils, chamomile, calendula.

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