Sex Me Up Kit

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This kit contains everything you need for a night of intimacy! 

Please refer to the individual listings for a full description of each product. 

You will find the following in this kit: 

Choose between Yoni Tasty or Eat it Up Oil- 

Yoni Tasty: The Yoni Tasty Oil can be used regularly for maintenance and as-needed for pleasure and passion. Yoni Oil works all day to neutralize odors and maintain a healthy yoni pH. Yoni Oil can be used as a lubricant for those more pleasurable moments. Internal and external use. 


Eat it Up Oil: This oil is perfect for providing the lubrication you need during intimacy. The watermelon flavor will be sure to please everyone with its unique warming effects. External and internal use. 

Slippery When Wet: The Slippery When Wet capsules take you to a whole other level when it comes to sexy time. Helps your Yoni with dryness and other benefits as well! Package contains 20 capsules. 

Ingredients: Vegan Capsules, slippery elm, dandelion root

*Slippery elm is commonly consumed by pregnant and lactating women across the world.*

Arousal Oil: The Arousal Oil will elevate sexy time and accentuate the pheromones that will have you craving your partner. This aphrodisiac should be applied to pressure points. Pro tip: Add to clitoris to intensify orgasms. External use only.

Massage Oil: The massage oil is a must have to add to your intimate moments. Use on the skin when giving a massage all over the body. Your skin will feel softer than ever. External use. 

 *pregnancy safe and breastfeeding safe* 

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