The Radiant Exfoliating Scrub is a foaming body scrub that is made to leave the body glowing, shimmering, and softer than ever before. The foaming Radiant Exfoliating Scrub screams the fresh tropics, leaving you feeling like you are glowing as bright as the beach. The Radiant Exfoliating Scrub has all of the wonderful benefits of the regular Body Scrubs, except with the added foaming benefits. As one runs the Radiant Exfoliating Scrub across their skin the scrubs falls apart to allow it to rub in smoothly and cleanse the skin of any unwanted impurities. Use of this scrub will allow the skin to be more rejuvenated than ever before. 

Apply and lather into the skin while bathing. Gently rub until scrub is completely dissolved. Can be used while shaving.

Sugar, carrier oils, various essential oils.

**Gracefully Natural products are made from all-natural organic ingredients and do not contain additives, emulsifiers, and stabilizers that maintain product consistency throughout environment changes, such as temperature. This product may melt or separate when exposed to elevated temperates, but this does not affect the integrity of the product. If melting or separation occurs, simply stir and cool product, then store in a cool place.

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