Fertility Tea

The Key to undergoing fertility is to restore the body’s natural balance and remain stress-free. Gracefully Natural’s Fertility Tea helps target both of those things. The Fertility Tea provides the nutrients needed to help strengthen your uterine lining and promote fertility. This tea will also help regulate menstruation, decrease bleeding, encourage ovulation, and stress relief. The Fertility Tea is formulated to assist in proper reproductive health. 

It is recommended to drink a daily cup of this Fertility Boosting Tea (cycle day 1- ovulation) while truly sitting back, relaxing & bringing in the intention of nourishing your body and creating the best possible environment for that sweet baby you are thinking of.

Add 1-2 tbsp of tea to hot water, let steep for several minutes, remove leaves and enjoy. Drink the first two weeks of cycle. (cycle day 1- ovulation)

Raspberry Leaf, hibiscus flowers, and nettle leaf.