Fertility Kit

The Fertility Kit is the perfect start to assist you or someone you know that is trying to conceive. The products in this kit are designed to help the body restore and maintain its internal homeostasis to ensure the body is adequately prepared. Please refer to the individual listings for a full description of each product. 

You will find the following in this kit: 

Yoni Oil: The Yoni Oil can be used regularly for maintenance and as-needed for pleasure and passion. Yoni Oil works all day to neutralize odors and maintain a healthy yoni pH. Yoni Oil can be used as a lubricant for those more pleasurable moments. 

Yoni Steam: Yoni Steam is a natural remedy to fight against and help provide aid against many common bodily disturbances. Yoni Steam is said to help cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating.

Birth Control Detox Tea: The Birth Control Detox Tea is used to reestablish the women’s reproductive tract’s health. This is especially beneficial to be used after having been on or using birth control. The Birth Control Tea should be taken prior to the others, after coming off birth control, when trying to clean out the reproductive tract. 

Fertility Tea: The Fertility Tea has a soft rose flavor and is formulated to assist in preparing the reproductive system and maintaining a healthy reproductive balance. The Fertility Tea should be drank during the first two weeks of your cycle.  

Progesterone Tea: Progesterone Tea is a blend of natural herbs that promote the growth of the uterine lining to help assist with implantation once the egg is fertilized by sperm. The Progesterone Tea should be drank during the last two weeks of your cycle. 

You will have the choice between one of the following items: 

Travel Yoni Wash: The Travel Yoni Wash will help combat any odor, irritation, itchiness, or razor burn/bump issues while maintaining a sudsy form that leaves you feeling cleaner than ever. This portable Yoni wash will restore and balance your yoni pH while also protecting the yoni from bacteria and yeast infections. 

Unscented Probiotic Yoni Soap Bar: The Unscented Probiotic Yoni Soap bar is a soft, natural, delicate soap that will cleanse the yoni while replenishing its shine and moisture. 


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