Ear Infection Oil

Made with extracted plant oils, the Ear Infection Oil is the perfect home remedy to cure an ear infection naturally. Using the Ear Infection Oil will alleviate symptoms such as pain, ear discharge, and swelling, all while fighting the bacteria that caused the ear infection to occur. 

Shake bottle before use. Place a few drops directly into the ear. Or, if preferred, slightly saturate a cotton ball and gently place it into/on the ear and let the Ear Infection Oil drip slowly into the ear. If the Ear has become infected, use the Ear Infection oil on a cotton swab and softly rub it on the outside of the ear canal and right near the opening of the canal. You may also warm the oil slightly to make it more comfortable. 

Olive oil, liquid coconut oil, garlic, clove bud, frankincense, tea tree, and lavender essential oils.

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