Anti-Stress & Anxiety Bath Bomb

$18.99 USD

The Anti-Stress and Anxiety Bath Bomb allows one to fully rejuvenate and revive while relaxing in the tub. The softness of the herbs and oils blended together to craft the Anti-Stress and Anxiety Bath Bomb will leave one feeling more refreshed than ever before. The integrity behind the bath bomb will leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized, while the aromas will help settle the mood and eliminate stress. 

To use, drop the bath bomb in a tub of water and allow the bath bomb to fizzle and release its contents into the water. For the body to absorb the minerals soak in the tub for at least 25-40 minutes to see optimal results.

Baking soda, arrow root, citric acid, unrefined coconut oil, lemon, peppermint, creamy vanilla & lavender essential oils