✨ 🌺Phase 1 — The Bleeding Phase.. (part 1)

🌺Most people are only aware of two phases, the menstrual
phase, and when a woman is off the menstrual phase. However there are three more phases in between, making four phases in total. I will be covering body changes, lifestyle changes and what foods you should consume with examples of recipes you might want to try in each phase 🌺The reason why I want to share this with you is because I realized that there is a way to actually feel great all month long… there is a way to end PMS and actually enjoy your menstrual phase (seriously!!) If only we were actually taught what happens to our body and why our moods, body (you know them fat days!) & energy levels changes from day to day, we would appreciate it more and perhaps be kinder and loving towards our beautiful body.
🌺Anyways back to the topic… In this section I will focus on the menstrual phase which is the 1st phase. I will then cover the 2nd phase - follicular phase, the 3rd phase – wombhealing ovulatory phase & finally the 4th phase – the luteal phase. During each phase, there are changes that come along with it. Each phase has its own strengths & weakness & so I will be including suggestion for things you are encouraged to do during each phase, to help you make the most of your cycle & flow.
🌺The monthly cycle is roughly 28 days maybe more maybe less, & the menstrual phase which you all probably are aware of is the period where a woman bleeds. The 1st day of this phase is the start of your monthly cycle and it usually last 3-7 days.


🌺Phase 1 — The Bleeding Phase.. (part 2)
✨Hormone focus: Progesterone production drops off as the corpus luteum disappears, triggering the shedding of your uterine lining in your menstrualphase, a.k.a your period/bleeding phase. Estrogenpeaks and then drops, stimulating your hypothalamus to prepare for another cycle of ovulation.
Lifestyle changes: New perspective, allow yourself to slow down… Self-analysis & course-correction are dominant now. Evaluating how you’re doing in your life... most likely to receive clear intuitive-gut messages, so check in. Journal - use this phase to figure out what area of your life needs attention.
✨In the early days menstruation was considered to be the time for spiritual practice and the getting together with other women. Women are quite sensitive to subtle energies during their period and meditations can go very deep then.
✨Energy Levels: During this week, your energy is the lowest in your cycle and you may feel tired and withdrawn. I know that a whole day off might not be possible (but if you can allow me to give you the permission to take the day off), but introducing some quietness and deliberate rest time can be extremely helpful. Mediate, sit in stillness and breathe for at least 2 minutes every day! Rest is especially important on the first day because that’s when we normally lose the largest amount of blood, and the body receives a certain signal that may change your period a lot.
Exercise: since your energy at this phase is at its lowest, exercise should be limited to gentle movement and stretching like yoga and walking.
✨So what could you do this week? Clear your calendar of big social and dating events and make a date with yourself. A hot Epsom salt bath is a great place to start. Try writing and reflecting. This creates awareness and allows you to set intentions and even new goals for the next month .

🌺Phase 1 — The BleedingPhase.. (part 3)
& finally the best part & what I am all about… FOOD!!!
Food: When we
woman are on our periods, we lose a lot of blood, so it is very important to eat foods are full of trace minerals and iron, and foods that build the blood! Some of the foods that are really good for this phase of your cycle include: buckwheat, seaweed, beets, dark leafy greens, beans & watermelon. Consuming these foods will help you feel great all month long and will feed your body what it actually NEEDS…
And remember the chocolate rule! No chocolate during period for God’s sake! Why? Because your body doesn’t need chocolate, it’s need magnesium! Craving chocolate is a sign for your body screaming for some magnesium! Almonds perhaps??
*** Of course, if you want to treat yourself to chocolate you can, in moderation, just know that chocolate is not the solution, not every time at least...


August 18, 2020 — Z'Hkera Spencer
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