🌺Phase 3 — The Ovulatory Phase (Part 1)
🩸Ovulation begins around day 14 and last 3- 4 days…. Around this time your body will release more cervical mucus, you will experience an increase in sexual desire, and the desire to be more social and take part in your community and connect with friends & family.
🩸Some of the foods that are great for this phase include: quinoa, detoxifying greens, red pepper, nuts, coconut, strawberries & summer produce!
🩸Lifestyle changes: Connecting with the community is the heart of this phase! Time to have important conversations, heightened communication skills, & feeling your best. You communication skills are heightened which will allow you to convey your thoughts and opinions more clearly, as well as be more receptive to those of others. This is also an ideal time to go on a 1st date, since your communication skills will also make you more magnetic! 🩸This is your most fertile time too, so without you realizing this is when you put the most effort into looking and feeling your best in an unconscious effort to attract a mate when ovulating.
🩸Energy levels: Energy at its peak, so you are primed to take on more strenuous exercise such as weight lifting, plyometrics & running. Think, intense exercise, HIIT, cardio.
🩸Exercise: When deciding on which activities is best during this phase, keep two things in mind: HIGH IMPACT WORKOUT & GROUP SETTINGS. Your body can take on strenuous exercise now like running and weight lifting. You’ll also be yearning to socialize and meet new people, which means group classes for spinning or dancing will be fun and enjoyable.


🌺Phase 3 — The OvulatoryPhase (Part 2 & Final)
🩸Food: focus on Raw Juices and Fresh Veggies for a happy cycle! You have plenty of natural energy and your mood is stable because of all the estrogen floating around, so go easy on the carbohydrate and stick to light grains such as quinoa. However you want to make sure your body is metabolizing and eliminating the surplus of estrogen efficiently, so fill up on veggies (the fibre will aid elimination) and fruit (high levels of antioxidants).
In regards to SPECIFIC foods you should focus on check out the table above, these foods will keep estrogen-driven symptoms, such as acne & bloating at bay.
🩸So what should you focus on this phase? Enjoying your-self! You feel & look amazing, attractive and SEXY! So go & have fun

August 20, 2020 — Z'Hkera Spencer

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