All items are non-refundable, all sales are FINAL, and no exchanges are accepted.

Here at Gracefully Natural we have a no cash refund policy. We only offer refunds in store credit.

There is a two day grace period to contact us about your refund. If the grace period has past it is under the discretion of Gracefully Natural whether or not to offer a store credit.

Order Changing and Rewards Points 

If a change needs to be made to an order, customer needs to contact the Gracefully Natural Business Page within two hours of placing the order. If a Customer Service Team Member is unable to reach back out to you within the two hours due to it being after hours, then the message will be returned during business hours and your order will be reviewed at that time. Changes will be awarded as long as message was sent within two hours of time of placing the order. This can include things like adding products and removing products. Discounts and discount codes cannot be added once an order has been placed. If, at the time, Gracefully Natural is offering Local Pick-Up, no order can be switched from shipping to pick-up and vice versa. No shipping status can be changed once the order is placed. If any orders address needs to be updated or changed the orders will be cancelled and a new order will need to be placed with the correct address.

Any change to Rewards Points must be brought to attention about orders by the time the order is ready to be picked-up or delivered. Anytime after this, Rewards Points cannot be added. Rewards Points will not be granted for any previous orders prior to signing up for the Rewards Program. 

Processing and Shipping 

Normal processing time is 7-10 business days. Please understand that if there is a sale or any other promotion, then processing time may be and will likely be extended. This processing time may be extended without notifying the customer. A business day is defined as a Gracefully Natural business day (Tuesday-Friday). Please wait at least 10 business days before reaching out regarding your order if during a sale and wanting an update. Processing time is the time it takes for Gracefully Natural to receive, prepare, and complete your order; processing time does not include shipping time. 

Shipping time depends on the shipping method chosen. Please allow Gracefully Natural 2-5 business days for shipping. This shipping time may be extended do to the mail carrier of choice. 

Once your order is processed and prepared for shipping, then you will receive a shipping notification via email or text, whichever method you selected. 

Please note that incomplete or incorrect shipping addresses may result in your package being returned or abandoned. Please enter a valid email or phone number in case we need to contact you to verify your shipping address. Gracefully Natural, LLC is not responsible for any abandoned packages due to inaccurate shipping addresses/instructions. 

In-Store Pick Up 

At times, In-Store Pick Up will be offered. When you chose in-store pick up you are agreeing to these terms. Please allow normal processing time for your order to be made and packaged. Then, upon receiving a notification that your order is ready for pick up, you will have three working business days to pick up your order.  The three days starts the day after you receive your notification. If the store is closed for unforeseen circumstances, then that does not count as a day. The three days only includes days that Gracefully Natural is open. If you fail to pick up your order within this time frame, then you agree to being charged shipping and have your order shipped without further consultation. If shipping goes unpaid, then your order will be re-shelved and it cannot be guaranteed to be ready when you come in, calling ahead of time is encouraged. 


Please note that with COVID-19 there may be delays in processing and shipping. Supplies are taking longer to arrive at our facility, which is possibly extending processing times. 

Shipping times will depend on the shipping method that was chosen by the buyer. This is the time after the order has been processed at our facility. Again, once the order has been processed and sent for delivery, then you will receive a notification with the shipping details. 

Store Location and Hours 

1529 Franklin Street, Rocky Mount, VA 24151

Tuesday - Friday: 10 AM - 7 PM 
Saturday: 10 AM - 3 PM
Sunday - Monday: Closed

Customer Service Hours 

Customer Service online is via FB Messenger. Please go to the Gracefully Natural business page on FaceBook to talk to a live Gracefully Natural Customer Service Representative. You will also recieve an email response during these times. 
Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM 
Saturday - Sunday: Closed 

Contact Information

You can reach a direct team member anytime the store is open by calling our business phone: (540) 488-2531

Questions about the products outside of the business hours? Message our Social Media Business Pages or email us at 

Concerns about your order? Message our Social Media Business Pages or email us at

You can always come visit us during our normal business hours, weather permitting! 

Social Media Platforms 




Almost all Gracefully Natural products contain tree nut oils and essential oils. If products do not contain these products, then it will be mentioned under the product description. Please stop use if any reaction occurs. Gracefully Natural’s products are not FDA approved. For more information regarding this product, please contact the support page at or message us on our social media pages. 

Melting Products

Gracefully Natural products do not contain additives and emulsifiers that stabilize and maintain viscosity (thickness) and consistency through all temperature variations. Therefore, there is a chance that your all-natural and organic Gracefully Natural products will melt when exposed to higher temperatures which may happen during travel, while sitting outside on your warm porch or mailbox, etc. In the warmer months of the year, your Gracefully Natural products may melt. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR PRODUCTS. The Gracefully Natural products can be placed in a refrigerator for faster cooling and firming or in a cool-indoor location for re-firming of the products. It is also normal for the products to reduce in size after melting and firming (no matter the times). 

Since melting is a natural reaction to heat and we have no control over the conditions during transit or delivery, please understand that Gracefully Natural, LLC is not responsible for melted products. Gracefully Natural will ensure that all products leaving the facility are in good standard. 

Group Affiliations 

Gracefully Natural, LLC is not affiliated with any other company or group. Gracefully Natural asks that people do not promote any other business under the Gracefully Natural name, unless approved by Gracefully Natural, LLC. 

Gracefully Natural, LLC does not tolerate bullying of any time. Gracefully Natural, LLC does not condone private messaging of members within the Gracefully Natural Community. 

Gracefully Natural’s Rights and Responsibilities 

Gracefully Natural, LLC is not responsible for any damaged, missing or lost packages.

Gracefully Natural, LLC has the right to refuse service from any individual without reasoning at any time.