Postpartum Kit

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The Postpartum Kit is ideal for women who have just given birth vaginally or via cesarean section. The items in this kit have been precisely chosen to help ease the body back into a normal routine after childbirth. Please refer to the individual listings for a full description of each product. 

You will find the following in this kit: 

Postpartum Bath: The Postpartum Bath is a detox bath to help the body regulate itself after childbirth and help aid in a relaxing, calm transition back into a more regular cycle postpartum.

Nipple Balm: The Nipple Balm is used to aid in the healing of the nipples when breastfeeding, making this journey easier and more comfortable. Regular use of the Nipple Balm will help prevent chapping of the nipples. 

Yoni Steam: Yoni Steam is a natural remedy to fight against and help provide aid against many common bodily disturbances. Yoni Steam is said to help cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating.

Yoni Gloss: Yoni Gloss is used to help tighten and rejuvenate the skin around the yoni. 

Unscented Probiotic Yoni Soap Bar: The Unscented Probiotic Yoni Soap bar is a soft, natural, delicate soap that will cleanse the yoni while replenishing its shine and moisture. 

Postpartum Spray: The Postpartum Spray is a numbing, antiseptic spray that can aid in the healing of your area post delivery. 

Perineum Oil: Perineum Oil is used to help promote the healing process from over stretching and placement of sutures of the perineum post delivery. 

Yoni Wipes: Yoni Wipes are perfect for on the go and when a shower/bath is not an option. Yoni Wipes are used to wipe away any odor-causing bacteria and leave the yoni feeling fresh and clean. 

 *pregnancy safe and breastfeeding safe* 

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