Ball Balm

Ball Balm is one of our best-selling men’s products and will quickly become one of your favorites. Ball Balm is formulated to be applied to the male genitalia to prevent chaffing and sagging. The ingredients used in our Ball Balm will help fight against any yeast and bacterial build-up. This ball balm is easy to apply, combats odor, moisturizes, and freshens up whenever needed! 

Apply to desired area and massage until thoroughly rubbed in. When the Ball Balm is applied, there may be a slight cooling sensation which may result in a tingling sensation (normal). 

Beeswax, witch hazel, unrefined coconut oil, peppermint, teakwood & tea tree essential oils.


**Gracefully Natural products are made from all-natural organic ingredients and do not contain additives, emulsifiers, and stabilizers that maintain product consistency throughout environment changes, such as temperature. This product may melt or separate when exposed to elevated temperates, but this does not affect the integrity of the product. If melting or separation occurs, stir and cool the product, then store it in a cool place.

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