Yoni Kit - SMALL

This kit contains our most sought-after, favorite yoni products. Please refer to the individual listings for a full description of each product. 

You will find the following in this kit: 

Yoni Oil: The Yoni Oil can be used regularly for maintenance and as-needed for pleasure and passion. Yoni Oil works all day to neutralize odors and maintain a healthy yoni pH. Yoni Oil can be used as a lubricant for those more pleasurable moments. Choose between Regular Yoni Oil and Yoni Oil Sensations. 

Yoni Wash: The Yoni Wash will help restore and balance your yoni pH while also protecting the yoni from bacteria and yeast infections. 

Yoni Scrub: Your choice of the original Yoni Scrub or the Rose Hibiscus Yoni Scrub; Yoni Scrubs will provide you with a gentle exfoliation of the skin around the yoni and leave you feeling refreshed and new. 

Yoni Fresh: The Yoni Fresh will allow you to stay and feel fresh all day long. Yoni Fresh neutralizes any unwanted odors.

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