Travel Vanilla Baby Wash

$16.99 USD

Gracefully Natural's Travel Baby Wash is perfect for the babies in your life. This is the vanilla baby wash in travel size.   

This soft and gentle blend offers a pleasant foaming wash to cleanse the baby's skin of any dirt or impurities. The wash is vanilla scented to leave the baby's skin feeling supple and baby smooth. Our Vanilla Baby Wash is perfect for everyday use and can be used simultaneously with the Organic Lavender Baby Wash which is perfect for the baby's nighttime regimen. Baby Wash is suitable for babies all the way up to adults.

Pump wash into your hand and wash the desired areas on the arms, torso, and legs. Rinse with water. 

Water, castile soap, olive oil, vanilla essential oils, and chamomile mixture.

*Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe