Teen Kit

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Made with delicacy and gentleness in mind. All of these items are easy to use and are gentle for this phase of life that teens are experiencing.  For complete product descriptions, you can search these individual items on the website.

The teen kit includes: 

Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil: Used as needed on areas experiencing menstrual cramps and pain.

Travel Yoni Wipes: Yoni Wipes are perfect for on the go and when a shower/bath is not an option. Yoni Wipes are used to wipe away any odor-causing bacteria and leave the yoni feeling fresh and clean. *these are the travel size smaller than what is pictured 

Yoni Fresh: The Yoni Fresh will allow you to stay and feel fresh all day long. Yoni Fresh neutralizes any unwanted odors.

The option of either of the following:

Travel Yoni Wash: The Yoni Wash will help restore and balance your yoni pH while also protecting the yoni from bacteria and yeast infections. 

Unscented Probiotic Yoni Soap Bar: The Unscented Probiotic Yoni Soap bar is a soft, natural, delicate soap that will cleanse the yoni while replenishing its shine and moisture. 

These Items will be equipped with an info card and all packaged together in a Gracefully Natural embellished travel bag that can easily fit into a bag or purse. 

*Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe

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