Sweet Paradise

Introducing GN’s Spring Collection!

Sweet Paradise smells of coconut and fun time in the sun! 

Body Scrub                                                                       Gracefully Natural’s Sweet Paradise Scrub is perfect for removing unwanted, dead skin while allowing the skin to feel soft and supple. Sweet Paradise Scrub will help the smoothness, dryness, and overall appearance of the skin, and leave behind a yummy, fun scent! To use, apply the scrub on the skin and gently rub it in until it is distributed evenly and all dissolved.

Ingredients                                                                                 White sugar, castile soap, carrier oils, essential oils

Body Cream                                                                 Gracefully Natural's Sweet Paradise Body Cream provides the skin with moisture without leaving the skin oily or sticky. Applying this body cream to the skin will replenish the body’s moisture and have you smelling sweet and inviting all day long. Sweet Paradise Body Cream will leave the skin looking noticeably softer. Using this cream will replenish the hydration and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.

Ingredients                                                                                 Shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oil, carrier oils

Body Oil                                                                                  The Sweet Paradise Body Oil replenishes and restores the body’s moisture and retains the moisture all day long. This Oil freshens up your day and keeps you smelling delicious while protecting your skin. .

Ingredients                                                                                 Olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, essential oil.




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