After Sun Spray & Butter 
Not only will the After Sun Spray and Butter help with any pain that comes with a sunburn, but it will also nourish the skin and replenish the skin's needed moisture. Using the After Sun Spray and Butter will help decrease the chance of the skin peeling. This cooling duo is perfect for the summer sun!

Ain't No Bugs On Me
The Ain't No Bugs On Me Bug Spray is an all-natural way to keep the bugs away while outdoors! This spray will not only repel any insect, mosquito, and bugs but will also leave the skin more moisturized than before! The Ain't No Bugs On Me Spray uses natural herbs and essential oils to keep any unwanted insects away. This can also be used on any preexisting pesky bug bites! If your fur animals are outdoors with you, you can use this spray on them too! 

For use: Shake prior to spraying and re-apply every 2 hours. 

Sun's Out Bundle
The Sun's Out Bundle is the perfect set to be carried around with you all summer long! 

The Bundle includes the After Sun Spray and Body Butter, Ain't No Bugs On Me Spray, and the Bug Bite Cream all for a discounted price. 

Bug Bite Cream
Used on any bug bite to relieve any pain, itching, and redness. Apply to the skin where the irritation is and let dry (listed separately under Body Care Line) 

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