The Sleepy Baby Collection is the perfect addition to your baby’s, children, or adult bedtime routine. Therapeutic grade Lavender and Vanilla is added to help stimulate relaxation and sleep. The aromas that come from these products stimulate calming, relaxing, and soothing thoughts and actions. Regular use of the Sleepy Baby Collection can help regulate a structure around bedtime. These products can be used to help calm before a nap during the day as well. Not only will the combination of these products help your child go to sleep faster, but will allow your baby to sleep longer and wake more restful. 

Sleepy baby balm    
Benefits: The Sleepy Baby Balm is safe and gentle for your baby’s skin and a little goes a long way. Using this Baby Balm will allow one’s mind to become more clear, slow down, and become more ready to go to sleep. This balm can be used on all ages and aids with sleep issues, anxieties before bed, and relaxing or calming the body.   
Directions: For the best results, apply to baby’s chest, back, and bottoms of feet. Once applied, let rest for at least 20 minutes to allow for maximum absorption. No rinsing is necessary, but can be done if wanted. 
Ingredients: Beeswax, carrier oils, lavender, various essential oils

Sleepy Baby Body Oil    
Benefits: The Sleepy Baby Body Oil is also safe and gentle for the baby's skin. This product can be used after a nice warm bath to help stimulate the baby's natural sleep cycle. Use the Sleepy Baby Body Oil to replinish the skin's moisture and other nutrients after a bath or long day. The Sleepy Baby Body Oil is multi-functional and aids in regular sleep cycles, promoting moisture, calming sensations, and protection of the baby’s skin.
Directions: Apply directly on the skin and massage the Baby Body Oil in circle patterns to best allow for moisture retention. Use during bedtime regimen for best results. May use daily or as needed.   
Ingredients: Almond oil, liquid coconut oil, lavender & creamy vanilla essential oils, chamomile mixture

Sleepy Baby Detox Bath    
Benefits: The Sleepy Baby Detox Bath is safe for the littlest ones in our lives. This detox bath will help remove all of the unwanted toxins that come naturally from the environment daily. The Sleepy Baby Detox Bath is perfect for a night time regimen to help start and remind the baby of a normal bedtime routine. This detox moisturizes the skin, rids the body of any unwanted toxins, restores balance to the skin, and promotes rest.  
Directions: Run warm bath water. Add desired amount of Detox Bath into the water. Allow baby to sit in bath for at least 10-15 minutes.  
Ingredients: Epsom salt, carrier oils, various essential oils and herbs.


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