Skinny Pill (20 count)

These weight loss skinny capsules have the ability to ameliorate stress, improve metabolic functioning, and increase endurance and muscle strength . It also prevents lipid accumulation and stimulates insulin secretion to reduce blood sugar, indicating its potential as an anti-obesity pill. Lower cortisol levels help the body recover faster, build muscle faster, and burn fat better.

Other benefits:
Improves sleep
Anti stress
optimizes liver function and repairs liver damage
Improves digestive issues
Helps your body to heal faster 

When to take capsules- 

Administer 1-2 capsules twice daily before a meal

Potential Side effects.
* Less appetite
* Stomach pain
* Heartburn
* Acid indigestion

Do not take if pregnant. May use if breastfeeding. Safe if on any medication. Consult a trusted physician. 

Ingredient: Vegetarian Capsules, Schisandra berry