Muscle and Joint Butter

$42.99 USD

The Muscle and Joint Relief Body Butter was created after many requests were given to us to create a similar product. The Muscle and Joint Relief Body Butter will pair perfectly with the Muscle and Joint Relief Balm in order to provide excellent relief to many kinds of aches and pains one may feel. This product will not only help relieve pain and stressors but will help one feel more calm and relaxed during the day, of course, all while providing exceptional moisturizing benefits to the skin as well. Aches/Pains/Strains, Headaches, pain and discomfort from injuries and/or surgery, pre & post workout discomfort, PMS cramps, Restless Leg symptoms, nerve pain and injury, sinus pain and symptoms, ear aches, sore throats, chest colds, sleep irregularities, brain fog/lack of concentration, nervousness/anxiousness/stress, and numbness/tingling/pain associated with imbalances of the blood sugar.  

For use, apply a small amount to the area where one is experiencing pain and/or discomfort and massage it into the skin. When applied to the affected area this Body Butter will provide quick relief in order to not only provide more comfort to you but to make you feel more at ease.   

Shea butter, mango butter, carrier oils, magnesium, various essential oils.

**Gracefully Natural products are made from all-natural organic ingredients and do not contain additives, emulsifiers, and stabilizers that maintain product consistency throughout environment changes, such as temperature. This product may melt or separate when exposed to elevated temperates, but this does not affect the integrity of the product. If melting or separation occurs, simply stir and cool product, then store in a cool place.

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