$18.99 USD

Gracefully Natural's Spring Collection includes the Full Bloom Collection, composing of a Body Oil and a luxury Foaming Body Scrub. The Full Bloom Collection is a fun champagne and fruit medley. This scent has hints of raspberry champagne, jasmine, and peach. 

The Full Bloom Foaming Body Scrub will rid the body of any impurities, cleanse and soften the skin, replenish moisture, and establish a moisture-retaining ability that will last throughout the entire day. Upon lathering the skin, this Foaming Body Scrub will foam leaving the skin feeling even more clean than ever before. 

The Full Bloom Body Oil will add the mositure to the skin that leaves the skin each day. The Body Oil will rehydrate and nourish the skin. Using this Body Oil all over the body will provide moisture to even the dryest of skin types, although is suitable for all skin types.