Freaky Friday Collection

This Freaky Friday Kit has all the things you need to make the bedroom a little freakier! Each of these items helps promote a natural and healthy sex life. For easy storage and access this kit comes with a cute, practical zip bag. For detailed product information refer to the individual listing of each item. 

The following is included in this kit: 

Eat it Up Oil: The Eat it Up Oil is designed to provide a unique watermelon flavor for everyone’s enjoyment as they Eat it Up! 

Make it Juicy Capsules: The Make it Juicy Capsules are all natural supplements that help to increase arousal and production of lubrication. These will have you feeling desires you’ve never felt before and help provide you with ultimate pleasure during #freakytime. 

Arousal Oil: By accentuating your natural pheromones with the sweet lingering scent of this Arousal oil you can increase the desire of your partner and help intensify the mood. 


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