Eczema Relief Kit

Each of these products target Eczema and Psoriasis to help you feel more comfortable and radiant in their skin. This set is easy to apply and will not leave the skin feeling oily or clogged; but instead refreshed, soothed, and reformed. This is a perfect set for individuals with sensitive skin. 

Eczema Relief Lotion: This lotion is highly moisturizing and is beneficial for many skin types or issues. Cracked, bleeding, dry, and flaky skin are all aspects Eczema Relief lotion can easily combat. This comes in a travel size container. 

Eczema Relief Wash: The Eczema Relief Wash will provide the body a lathering cleansing experience while still supplying extra soothing nourishment to help aid in the healing of the skin. The wash removes any debris and unwanted oils on the body while maintaining the skins pH. This comes in a travel size container. 

Eczema Relief Body Butter: This body butter protects and moisturizes dried, flaky, cracked or bleeding skin. It is beneficial for symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, including rashes and dry skin patches.

Eczema Relief Soap Bar: The soap provides a soothing and healing sensation when applied. When used allow the wash to let sit on the skin to maximize absorption for best results.

*Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe 

****Contains nut oils**** 

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