Gracefully Natural's Cooling Foot Collection includes a Foot Massage Oil and a Cooling Foot Scrub. It is critical to care for the feet as they are walked on daily and tended to very little; Gracefully Natural has the solution for you. These two work together beautifully to provide the most soothing, calming, and relaxing experience for the feet. 

Gracefully Natural's Foot Massage Oil is an oil blended with natural herbs to provide a natural remedy to restore the moisture in the feet that will help heal and prevent dry cracked feet. This oil can be applied for regular foot maintenence and also used as a massage oil when undergoing a foot massage. 

Gracefully Natural's Cooling Foot Scrub is crafted with aloe to provide an exfoliation with a gentle cooling sensation. The scrub will work to rid the foot of any impurities while also aiding in the healing of the foot. The scrub will replenish the foot's moisture and will strengthen the strong skin barrier on the bottom of the foot. 

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