Vanilla Baby Kit

Gracefully Natural's Vanilla Baby Kit contains all the necessities to care for the baby from morning to night. This kit has it all, from classic Vanilla Baby cleansers to favorites like Vanilla Baby Oil and Detox Bath! For complete product details, view individual items.

You will find the following in this bundle: 

Vanilla Baby Body Oil: The Baby Body Oil is multi-functional and aids in promoting moisture and protecting the baby’s skin from dryness and harsh environmental toxins. 

Vanilla Baby Detox Bath: This Baby Detox Bath moisturizes the skin, rids the body of any unwanted toxins, and restores balance to the skin. 

Diaper Rash Cream: Gracefully Natural’s Diaper Rash Cream is an all-natural ointment that provides lasting care and relief from diaper rashes. The Diaper Rash Cream is used to soothe, treat, and prevent red, irritated skin caused by diaper rashes and wetness.  

Travel Vanilla Baby Wash: This wash is vanilla scented to leave the skin feeling supple and baby smooth. The soft and gentle blend offers a pleasant foaming wash to cleanse the baby's skin of any dirt or impurities.

Vanilla Baby Soap: This soap bar is vanilla scented and removes the dirt and impurities from the skin. This soap bar will leave the skin hydrated and refreshed leaving your baby soft and squeaky clean. 

*Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe


**Gracefully Natural products are made from all-natural organic ingredients and do not contain additives, emulsifiers, and stabilizers that maintain product consistency throughout environment changes, such as temperature. This product may melt or separate when exposed to elevated temperatures, but this does not affect the integrity of the product. If melting or separation occurs, stir and cool the product, then store it in a cool place.

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