24K Gold Body Oil

The 24K Gold Body Oil is a luxurious body oil infused with real 24k gold flakes for a luxe, moisturizing experience. This oil blend contains herbs that help draw wealth, prosperity, and abundance. 24k Gold Body Oil offers a lightweight yet luxurious blend of natural oils to achieve and maintain healthy skin. Like the other multi-use body oils, this body oil will penetrate below the surface, working to even the skin’s tone and texture while helping to provide a healing barrier protecting the skin’s surface from damage caused by the environment. The 24K Gold Body Oil has a light, airy aroma that will leave anyone feeling more confident and ready to take on any challenge.

Apply directly on the skin and massage the 24K Body Oil to the targeted areas you would like to enhance, such as the arms and legs. Use 1-2x daily for best results.

Olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, twilight woods essential oil, mica powder, 24K gold, shredded money, calendula, and chamomile flowers.

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