The Owner. The Developer. The Inspiration behind it all. 
Meet Kera Spencer, founder of Gracefully Natural. 

This is our Yvette! Sweet, soft spoken, but with spunk Yvette is the Head of the Fulfillment team! Yvette is the mother of two and the grandmother of four. She is one of the most reliable, loyal, loving coworkers we have. Everyone knows that they can always count on Yvette! Her favorite Gracefully Natural product is the Vanilla Body Butter! Meet Yvette!  

This is our Lindsey Paige Parker! She is the Social Media Manager and is our primary go to gal for keeping you all informed! You wouldn’t believe us even if we told you, but this girl loves to clean; so you see why we keep her around? Kidding! Lindsey has such a fun and kind personality, who wouldn’t want to work with her! Lindsey’s favorite products are the perfect Bath and Body duo, the Lemon Pound Cake Scrub and Body Butter; but, she’s not leaving anywhere without the Self-Love Scrub and Soap Bar! Meet Lindsey!

This is Tara! Tara is one of the more creative individuals of our team and provides for an excellent time in fulfillment! Tara is currently in college, working at Gracefully Natural, and has her own side hustle! Tara become hooked on Gracefully Natural once finding the Eczema Relief Collection which provided her a saving grace that she has been looking for her entire life! Meet Tara! 


Meet Tia! She is a member of our Fulfillment Team! 

Meet Kortia! She is a member of our Mixology Team! 


This is Rae! Born in South Carolina and has been moving ever since, until she found Gracefully Natural. Rae’s dream is to become a Herbalist and has chosen the best mentor there is, Kera and Gracefully Natural! Rae loves to be outdoors and finds herself relaxed when she is painting. Her favorite Gracefully Natural product is the Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil as she uses it for all of her aches and pains! Meet Rae!

This is Audria, one of our Quality Control Managers! Audria is waiting for the day Kera goes global, and not just in her travels, but with her products too. Audria is allowing people to get their groove back by informing them of the amazing Yoni Oil, a product she’s not going without now! Audria was born and raised in Franklin County, Va where she is currently raising her little boy living the simple life with her favorite Vanilla scented Gracefully Natural products, ask her about them! Meet Audria!

Meet Lindsey S.! This girl has all the spunk and all the positive vibes. She’s easy and fun to talk to, so may as well come meet her in the store! She’s one of the lucky ones who was able to snag products with the strip tease scent and it still stands as her favorite scent today, go ask her how amazing it was! Those limited releases, you guys, gotta grab ‘em so you know! She knows that she will forever gift any mother-in-law products from the Anxiety Line as if she raised a son, she’s going to need it! Meet Lindsey! 



This is Mrs. Gwen! This sweet woman has so much to offer and provides so much to Gracefully Natural. Her hard work, motivation, and dedication is what makes her a perfect addition to our fulfillment team. Gwen originally left a career in Social Work temporarily, but quickly found her place as a team member of Gracefully Natural. She is so incredibly proud of Kera and her ability to make small town Rocky Mount, VA known by becoming an incredibly successful young, black female entrepreneur. She is waiting for the day that Kera becomes a billionaire! Everyone, please meet our Gwen! 

This is Mackenzie! She is the second Quality Control Manager we have! If stranded on an island, she isn’t concerned about leaving, but instead making sure her skin doesn’t dry out from the salt water; so, she’s bringing a body butter with her. She will be living her stress-free life on an island gifting her mother-in-law the Anxiety rolls on so she can also live that stress free life; Mackenzie is very loving and kind! Meet Mackenzie! 

This is Orianna and she is a dreamer, not only for herself, but for Kera too! She is looking forward to the day that Kera becomes famous, it’ll probably be tomorrow! Orianna is a true die-hard fan as she was one of Kera’s original customers and has stuck with her since the beginning! Come to the store and meet Orianna!


This is our Hannah, she is mostly in charge of payroll and scheduling! She loves her yoni products and wouldn’t think twice about that being the products she grabs for date night! And, this girl deserves a date night, as she has five beautiful children that keep her busy! Good thing she is such a patient, determined, and headstrong individual because we don’t know how she does it. She does it with Gracefully Natural on hand! Everyone meet Hannah!

Meet Brian! He is a member of our Mixology Team! 

Meet Eboni! She is a member of our Fulfillment Team! 


This is Katie! Born and raised in Franklin County, that is where she is currently raising her beautiful family. Katie whole-heartedly believes in Kera’s mission and is looking forward to watching her empire grow! Katie’s busy life means tons of opportunities for stress, but she doesn’t let that stop her as she counts on her Anti-Anxiety Perfume daily- she wouldn’t even go on a first date without it; but, who wouldn’t? Meet Katie!

This girl is our Yani, Head of Human Resources. Be ready to laugh when you address this girl because she’s got all the sass and all the answers; like “what’s your favorite product?” “ALLOFUM.” Not only has she been a great service to Gracefully Natural, but also to our country as she is an Army Vet. Ready to take on the world, she’s going to do it with a lemon pound cake scrub in tow. Meet Yani! 

This is Kintwon! This man stays busy! When he is not providing entertainment and service in our store, he is busy with his own photography business and his work with a nonprofit organization. He met Kera through church and was eager to become a part of the team! He is the most personable and you can find him laughing and chatting away at the 77 Restaurant in Ferrum whenever he can find time to sneak away and treat himself! Meet Kintwon!

This is Amber! She is Kera’s Personal Assistant! This girl knows how to handle any situation thrown her way! She has a gentle tone and compassionate spirit which pairs so beautifully with her favorite Gracefully Natural Scent, the White Sugar Scrub Vanilla Aroma! Always willing to lend a hand, she will be the first to gift the Lavender Magnesium Lotion to help anyone feeling any kind of ache and/or pain. Everyone meet Amber!


Heather is our General Manager. She has been with the company since they opened a store front in Rocky Mount, Va. She is likely to gift the Yoni Kit as she states, “every woman needs it,” and it is her caring nature. If she’s not working, she’s shopping- that’s even how she met Kera! Everyone meet Heather!

This is Bayli! Grew up a little further away from most of the others in Bassett, Va this girl loves life and everything it has to offer. If she was stuck on a deserted island she wouldn’t forget her Muscle and Joint relief as she’ll be working to get off that island! When she’s not outdoors working, you’re going to find this girl glammed up and showing up, sparkling with the Goddess Glow. Unforgettable, baby! Meet Bayli!

This is Blake. She is a part of the Virtual Team, heading Marketing for Gracefully Natural. Blake grew up in Franklin County and has known and learned along side of Kera since elementary school. You’re not going to find Blake quiet, as some of her favorite hobbies are talking, learning, and making new acquaintances; maybe that’s why she enjoys marketing so much. When ready to tackle the day, she’s going to start by using the manifestation line and end with the sleepy baby balm to start tomorrow off strong! Meet Blake!